Five Tips for Always Getting a Great Haircut

Lexington Avenue barber Steve Ovaidov shares his expert advice for creating your own look – and how to keep it looking great.

A haircut is one of the best ways for a New Yorker to create a personal style, whether you’re a sophomore at Hunter College, a doctor at Weill-Corner, or enjoying retirement. So, once you’ve chosen a barber that fit your sense of style and budget, it’s time to decide what you want. When you take the time to do this, you’ll be happier with the way you look and be more confident about everything you do.

“I work with all types of clients here, from all around the city  – here on the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, and Midtown, downtown, and more – and I want them to always be happy with their look,” says Steve Ovaidov, of Elite Barbers. Here he offers his inside tips for getting a great cut every time:

  1. Do your homework. If you’re like many guys in New York City, you want to have style. So, before you go for your haircut, look online for some pictures of haircuts you like. Sites like Men’s Hairstyles Now can help—and they even group hairstyles by celebrities. If you want that Ryan Gosling, Drake,  or David Beckham look, they’ve got it. But remember—the style has to fit your hair type and head shape to work for YOU. “If your hair is wavy and curly, and you have a bald spot, going with the Beckham look might not be the best choice,” says Steve.
  • Don’t be shy. “It’s your head, so you need to be clear and specific about what you want and don’t want,” Steve says. One of the biggest mistakes a guy can make when he gets his hair cut is not being clear about what he likes and hates. If you want at least an inch on top, say it. If you prefer a square-back trim to a taper on the neck, you’ve got to speak up! The more you tell your barber, the better cut you’ll get. But once you’ve done this, be sure to …
  • Consider your barber’s advice. Let your expert barber weigh in on what works best for you. He’ll think about the amount and type of hair you have and the shape of your face and head and how to work with those features. Steve suggests: “Be open and willing to experiment. You might just find a new style you love.”
  • Decide on a regular schedule. Once you’ve chosen a style, you want it to look good all the time. Though most guys using barbers go every three to four weeks, it’s a personal choice. Some go every week or every two weeks. Others maybe every six weeks. But the more you go, the more styled you’ll look all the time. What’s more, you’re less likely to be stuck needing an emergency cut when you’re going to an important meeting or a social event.
  •  Try different barbers at the shop. Many barber shops operate with the understanding that customers can switch among barbers, depending on their availability. Don’t feel bad about it, as they are still getting your business. In most cases, a great shop is going to have a team with equal talent and expertise.